NFT Wars


TCGC is a token issued by BOBG ltd. A basic token that can be used with services on CryptoSpells and NFT Wars.
Token economy The TCGC Token Economy aims to address these.
・ Realization of Play to Earm of games on NFT Wars ・ By whitelisting many NFT projects, NFT Wars user expansion and TCGC demand generation ・ Expansion of the OASYS ecosystem

Token Information

Name: TCGCoin
Ticker: $TCGC

Token Allocation

Total supply : 100,000,000
Team : 5% Development : 20% Promotionr : 15% Reserve : 20% Community : 40%

Token Allocation(Community)

CryptoSpells : 30% NFT Wars : 30% Other projects : 40%

Token Circulation

Months to emit : 60months
On-chain governance voting is scheduled for the second half of 2022
・ NFT Wars's Gavernance
NFT project whitelist voting
Governance for other NFT Wars


・Governances voting for CryptoSpells
CryptoSpells is an NFT game launched in June 2019 and is a turn-based digital card game. CryptoSpells conducts user voting asking whether to adjust card parameters, and plans to move these votes to TCGC governance votes.
・Governances voting for NFT Wars
・NFT Wars Card leveling


Q2 2022 ・ Initial distribution of TCGC ・ TCG Verse's main net launch ・ NFT issuance at OASYS of CryptoSpells ・ Beta version of new game "Crypto Spells v2" released
Q3 2022 ・ Conducting CryptoSpells Governance Voting at TCGC ・ Official launch of the new game "Crypto Spells v2" ・ Implementation of NFT Wars governance vote at TCGC